Sensible, wearable electronic underpants

texting-underpantsWe have highlighted many times before the usefulness of wearable technologies in the field of medical care, to improve the living quality of those who need assistance and for the improved service quality of those who take care.

Australian based Simavita came up with a solution primarily for the aging population with increased risk of incontinence, persons that can not hold it back to pee.

The SIMsystem™ (‘Smart Incontinence Management’) consists of underpants equipped with a disposable pad with a wetness sensor that records the incontinence data and sends it to a central computer via ZigBee® standard which is a very low-power and low-range wireless applications.

This low power technology eliminates the risk of any electrical shock and has been approved for body-worn products.

As the incontinence event happens a text alert is transmitted through the care facility’s paging system alerting the care taker to jump into action.

Medical care and lifestyle improving aspects of life offer such a wide and interesting field for wearable technology, it comes to no surprise to see developments like this coming up in the years ahead.

Texting underpants? Why not, it all comes down to the usefulness (or the lack off) such groundbreaking innovations.

[via: Physorg]

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