Not everything is fine and shiny – Burton Audex iPod AMP Backpack

sad_AMP_Pack.jpgBy all the enthusiasm for everything Wearable Electronic here on talk2myShirt we do not forget that not everything is perfect. Our post today is a reflection of reader feedback we got which we value very much.

We do not have any relations to the companies who’s products we introduce on our blog and we do not own all of the products we write about.

In the cases we do not have a product, we base our introduction on information found in printed media and online sources. We do appreciate feedback from our readers to give a complete picture and provide feedback to the companies on their products, feedback from ‘real’ consumer and not editors.

We did receive recently interesting and useful remarks from a reader concerning the Burton Audex iPod AMP Backpack.

As we have pointed out already by writing the description about the Audex iPod AMP pack, the concept of adding (not integrating like many others) an iPod control to a backpack is questionable or as we concluded at that time ‘confusing’.

Confusing because this small, separate wireless controller can easily be lost and make the complete system meaningless.

audex_detail_tdn.jpgOur reader Andy found out another shortcoming on the Audex iPod AMP: ‘The transmitter constantly glitches causing your ipod to stop playing whatever playlist you are on, and revert to playing random songs on your ipod. Its also been causing my ipod to automatically turn on “repeat one” so you can only listen to whatever song you are on. The transmitter on the strap isnt gonna fall out but its so tiny and frustrating to use.

All together it doesn’t look like Burton has made much effort and thinking or even testing into this product.

That’s sad considering that Burton was the first company to come out with audio controls integrated into a backpack in 2003 for a Sony Mini Disk player.

Let’s hope Burton has recognized this issue and is doing a much better design job for the 2008/09 season. We will be one the watch-out.


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