Wearable plastic electronics

plastic-electronicsAlthough our talk2myShirt coverage is very seldom mentioning so called ‘plastic electronics’ this field is highly interesting to wearable electronic as it focuses to move electronic functions from hard surface substrate to flexible, thin-film carrier mediums.

Thin and flexible electronic is next to other applications highly interesting for the integration into clothing as it can be laminated to conventional textiles and connected via conductive yarn traces to form a more complex electronic functionality.

To keep up with the latest development in the plastic electronic area I suggest to add to your knowledge library +Plastic Electronics a magazine with online presents covering cutting edge plastic electronic developments and market analysis.

You can even find a section for Smart Fabrics which highlights plastic electronics developments specifically suitable for wearable electronic applications.

What’s more, the current issue 2.6 of the +Plastic Electronics Magazine focuses on Smart Fabrics. A comprehensive article covers the smart textile developments at Textronics and Adidas. The Plugged-In section covers the different areas of commercialization highlighting the latest trends and developments, as well as discussing how the market will change in the coming years.

A magazine full of wearable electronic infos – our favorite topic. Visitors to the Smart Fabrics conference in Miami, Florida on 14-16 April will get a complimentary copy of this magazine. You have the choice, visit Smart Fabrics conference or click over to get a subscription to +Plastic Electronics.

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