iConnect Pillow for a cozy sound

iConnect_Pillow.jpgAlthough the ‘i‘ in the name of the iConnect™ Pillow might imply it works only with the all time favorite iPod, it is actually not the case.

The iConnect™ Pillow works with everything that has an 3.5mm headphone port which 99.99% of all portable audio player have.

To manage your expectations, this speaker pillow like many others are not speaker boxes, so don’t expect to replace your speaker system with them.

Speaker pillows like the iConnect are for a bit fun with a little luxury usefulness. Actually not that luxury if you look to the price below. Usefulness, it allows you to listen to your soft tunes in dreamy moments while resting your head on the pillow.

There is no amplifier in the pillow to pump up the sound, just a small speaker and a pouch to store the audio player under the pillow. The iConnect Pillow is for the soft and dreamy moments in life – simple as that.

The iConnect™ Pillow is available by bedbathandbeyond.com for just $ 4.99 (they have a clearance sale to hurry up if you want it) in the colors: Black, Aqua, Berry and Chocolate.

Stretch out in front of your fireplace while the weather is too harsh to be outside and enjoy the cozy sound from your iConnect™ Pillow.

[via: ShinyShiny]

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