Skullcandy H2O LINK Hydration Pack with Speakers

H2O_Hydrationpack.jpg Skullcandy‘s H2O LINK Hydration Pack with integrated Speakers is already around for some time but it seems justified to beam it up as another option for iPod yielding hikers, bikers and other outdoor fans.

This ultra-cool backpack keeps you hydrated and entertained on those long trips. The build-in water bag holds 72 ounces in a water-tight container, the equivalent of as much as three bulky water bottles, but takes away only little space thanks to the water container design of the H2O LINK pack.

A sturdy straw that runs down the length of one strap makes it convenient to drink whenever you want without stopping your activities.

The same convenience as for the hydration come for the sound feature. The LINK system from Skullcandy integrated into the shoulder strap give you full control over your iPod and cell-phone. The phone answer button on the soft-touch panel works with every mobile phone. You’ll never again need to dig through your backpack to find your phone before it stops ringing!

To top off the high-tech functionality, the H2O LINK pack has a battery-powered amplifier that fire sound out of 60mm speakers embedded in the straps. The speakers are weather-impervious, carbon-fiber woven, custom built and designed to be used in rain, snow or shine.

The speaker function can be used with any portable audio player, not only the iPod by connecting the audio player via the 3.5mm headphone port.

Skullcandy_H2O_pack.jpgThis impressive feature list together with many expandable pockets and the durable nylon material of the H2O LINK makes it a very good choice for mountain bikers, hikers and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

The H2O LINK Hydration Pack with Speakers is available on this online store in Orange/Gray and on that online store in Gray/Black with Camo accents and cost on both stores $ 149.95


  1. This bag is impossible to figure out! I can control everything on my iPhone from the bags strap, but no sound comes out of the speakers! I’ve had it working on two occasions, but no idea what I did to get it going. Pushing buttons at random doesn’t seem very logical. Please tell me what the “speaker on” button is!!

  2. Andrea, did you turn the amp on? its a switch on the white box inside of the backpack
    I used to have one, but the zippers broke (the actual zipper, not just the pull) great if you can find one, I think the SC Hellion is better but it also costs a lot more, and if you can find one, lucky you! Matt, check Amazon

  3. This backpack is pretty close to worthless. My “first” backpack didn’t come with the correct adaptor for the iPhone. After turning it back in and waiting a year, another backpack showed up — without the adaptor. And then another — without the adaptor.

    Didn’t really matter anyway. The first replacement pack’s hydration bag was cracked, the second (actually the third pack) had an important zipper break the very first time I used it. The zipper actually broke in half, leaving the pocket with a closing mechanism. It must have been made of plastic. Not the pack you want for the hill. Actually, probably not that pack you want at all.


  4. I have the same prob with andrea. I have the hydration bag, i can control volume and play button of my iphone from the strap but the speakers wont work. I have to use my headphones connected to the strap. Help please!!!

  5. Also, will the led indicator light up if im using any mp3 player besides the ipod or iphone?

  6. This backpack is really nice. The shape is size of this bag is ideal and also the features are attractive. Could you please tell from where can I get this bag ?

  7. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! you have to hold down the amp button for about a sec and a little green light on the left strap next the the 3.5 mm plug-in will light up, then press ipod thats how it turns on!

  8. I love this backpack like crazy but I don’t know how to wash it! Any tips guys? Can’t seem to get the wires and amps out for a proper wash!

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