DIY – stylish eTextile embroidery

eTextile-embroideryThe fabulous eTextile DIY site ‘How to get what you want‘ fromĀ  Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson keeps on adding frequently new material for every eTextile enthusiast to learn and to get inspired.

I love the recently posted embroidered potentiometers as they show nicely how to integrate technical parts such as conductive lines which can either be hidden in a garment design or used as style element.

Using the electrical conductive traces as style elements when possible makes not only a good look but it also indicates visually there is something special, something interesting on that dress or jacket.

Why spending money and effort to integrate something unique and then put much effort in hiding it?

Mika and Hannah demonstrate by using the zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine how to create a potentiometer, a variable resistor the allows to detect the position of electrically conductive materials like metal along the conductive ornament.

Check out ‘How to get what you want‘ frequently as you will always find something new and surprising, a treasure chest for eTextile fans.

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