Smart Fabrics 2010 coming soon

A reminder for the upcoming Smart Fabrics conference which will take place between April 14 – 16 in Miami, Florida.


This years event promises to be even more interesting than the previous conferences. A long list of interesting speaker covering the research, development, design and business aspects of wearable electronics will ensure a diverse spectrum of knowledge sharing and insights into wearable electronics presents and future perspectives.

Over two days three parallel sessions will provide attendants the choices to cherry-pick the personally most interesting sessions to listen and to participate in discussion.

The first day (Apr. 14) is reserved for an in-depth seminar by Janet Hansen about Wearable Electronics for Illuminated Costumes and Clothing.

IntertechPira could manage to get Alison Lewis, owner and editor of and author of Switch Craft a wearable electronic craft book containing 20 inspirational eTextile DIY projects on the speaker list.

Click over to Smart Fabrics for the complete agenda with speaker names and topics that will be covered in these highly charged days around wearable electronics.


  1. I’m on the list, I am doing a DIY workshop on the same day as Janet.

    Thanks for the support and I look forward to meeting you in person!

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