Memory rich clothing – Meet and Playback glove

Memory-gloveI love the idea using clothing to record the daily life like whom we meet, where we have been, what we have done and so on.

Collecting these memories on-the-go does not require attention from the wearer, it just happens. Later we can review and reflect on the days events.

Laura Boffi, student at CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design developed together with Mary Huang the Meet&Playback glove which records every time you meet a friend and shake hands or give hi5.

The meeting and action will be stored as a music note. Later in the day the wearer can play back the gloves memory in a random melody form.

Meet&Playback glove from laura boffi on Vimeo.

The fingerless glove is fitted with two knitted capacitive sensors made from conductive yarn and one piezo sensor. The sensors are connected to an Arduino which is doing the musical memory conversion.

A very attractive and inspirational twist for creating memory rich clothing.

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