Smart Fabrics warm up your clothing

Gerbing_liteVest.jpg Gerbing, a Seattle based company, focuses on bringing a warm feeling in the coldest times of the year to their customers with high tech heated clothing.

Their collection of heated clothing technologies ranges from the more ‘conventional’ textile heating systems like insulated copper wires to Micro Wires and Nano Wire heat technology to high tech smart fabrics like Carbon Fiber Heat Technology.

That’s the technology we are warming up to – literally. High tech textiles is our field here at talk2myShirt.

A product that uses the Carbon Fiber technology is the LITE HEATED VEST LINER. As the name implies, it is a light weight vest that radiates a comfy temperature and can be worn under an outer jacket.

The Heated Vest is powered by a 7.4v lithium battery pack which gives 4 hours of heat on the highest setting or over 10 hours on the lowest setting.

Another ‘warming’ factor is the low cost of this vest, it comes for just $ 99.- including the battery pack and the charger. Available directly by Gerbing.

If you are in need for getting some additional heat when outdoors, you might want to check out Gerbing’s full system that let the wearer connect the different elements like jackets, pants, gloves and socks (all heated) via their standardized interconnection system – a smart idea that keeps you warm even if you have to be right in the center of the Arctic.

As we mentioned in our last review of heated clothing, ‘heated’ does not mean you will fry in your heated clothing, it will give up a controllable and comfortable amount of warmth. That’s why we call such fabrics also ‘smart textiles’ 😉


  1. i am a clothing designer in portland, or. and i am interested in combining my designs with carbon fiber heat technology.
    my friends and i all go to outdoor 3 to 5 day festivals all year round and i set up booths with my clothing, jewlery and hats i make. i would love to talk to you about a collaboration!
    my # 503 453 5949
    thank you and would love to hear from you

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