Flip-Flops with headlights

Illum-sandalsFor everyone who was shocked about the Zap Sandal’s price we found another option for illuminated footwear, the Teva Illum Sandals.

The waterproof light module on these Flip-Flop style sandals is detachable so during daylight there is no need to carry them along but after sunset on the beach, shoe headlights might come handy to avoid hitting rocks or beer bottles when leaving the beach party.

Depending on the material, the Illum sandals will retail when they hit the shops in May for $50.- with the synthetic finish or $60.- for a leather finish including a LED powered headlight on each sandal.

Personally I am not sure about the usefulness of this kind of shoe illumination. It seems to be a practical feature but I would really question the practicality.  Using light in shoes for style purpose, not as functional but as emotional design element looks to me more sensible.

There is a fine line one has to consider when merging technology with clothing, or in this case shoes: only because we usually perceive technology as functional does not mean technology has to be used only to add a function. Why not useing technology to create or enhance the emotional value of clothing?

[via: Feed the Habit]

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