Fabric solar panels

solar-fabricOh well, a lot of people in the northern hemisphere had their share of cold, sun light deprived winter weather but rest assured, the next summer season will come soon and with it plenty of sun light hours per day.

We will soon have a look to the latest collection of sun hungry solar bags but for today we have a fabric solar panel for your consideration that can serve as sun-shade on your patio and will generate lot of electrical power at the same time.

A company called ShadePlex is offering this powerful sun shade textile. Actually the textile itself is not power generating but serves as a frame for the flexible solar panels giving them support and a means to be used as sunshades or to cover other objects with sun power generating ability.

These solar power fabrics are light weight compared with conventional metal framed solar panels, can be stored easily by rolling up and can be put up in sunny places as easy as to place a sun umbrella or tent.

Properties our adventure trip loving readers who want to explore the remote corners of our world could consider, helping to keep the GPS and other devices alive. No need to lug around heavy batteries that need to be disposed somewhere.

But not so fast, ShadePlex is just starting operation and will serve first B2B which means it will take some time until you could consider having solar fabric as part of the adventure travel gear – just let’s hope it won’t take too long.



  1. I wonder how the sun transfers UV onto the solar panel efficiently with it being a cloth fabric. Like the idea, as solar panels are bulky and can be a barrier to a lot of applications. Just not sure about the technology yet.

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