Check for hot-spot with the Wiffinder bag from Soyntec

wiffinder_urban_bag.JPGFinding a usable WiFi signal is becoming an everyday routine for many of the ‘always connected’ net-citizen. Knowing if you are in a so called ‘hot spot’ means taking out your Laptop and check if the signal is good enough for a quick surf on the net.

Luckily there are more convenient ways to make the hot-spot check. For one, you could go for the WiFi T-Shirt or buy one of the newly launched Wiffinder™ bags from Soyntec®

Soyntec® a Spanish company focusing on digital consumer electronics and computer peripherals and bringing together state-of-the art technologies with amazing designs, has started to launch a range of bags that have a WiFi sniffer integrated.

Integrating is a smart idea, no need to clutter your key ring or bag with yet another item and no danger that you loose the little WiFi checker that is, as long as you don’t loose your entire bag which is less likely than a small WiFi detector unit.

The integrated WiFi signal detector works with 2.4G, 802.11b/802.11g networks and has as additional bonus a clock. Press a button and the detector will lock around for a signal gives the strength of the signal.

Powered is the detector by 2x CR2032 Lithium Batteries. The detector is only active for a few seconds when the button is pressed, just long enough to look for a signal and show it’s strength. I guess the batteries will last for quite some time.


Soyntec® has four models in their program: the Urban Bag, Executive Case Bag, University Backpack and Trolley Suitcase (from left to right).

The Urban Bag (my personal favorite for it’s good look) and the University Backpack are available now for $ 63.30 each. The other two models will become available on February 11.

All bags are made of Nylon high density material and fits laptops up to 15.4″ (17” for the Trolley Suitcase).

A great idea packed in a stylish design, this WiFi detector is less geeky and more discrete yet sophisticated than the WiFi T-Shirt which is more for the fun loving net-citizen.

Check out Soyntec’s online store for more details.

[geekalerts via gizmodo]

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