Digital Gear Quiver with iPod Sound control

DEW_Digital-Gear-QuiverIf you are one of the growing number of people who love to hike around the great outdoors whenever there is an opportunity you might know that having free hands is the best insurance to balance down a trail, cross water ways or venturing through dense Forrest vegetation.

At the same time you don’t want to let go of your digital gear like cellphones or music player but headphone cables get caught up in the vegetation, the phone in the bag rings at the moment where it is most inconvenient to stop and dig it out of the pocket or bag.

If all these points sound familiar to you, here is a solution from Canadian brand DEW (Digital Equipment Wear), the Digital Gear Quiver.

It’s a shoulder strap with wallet pocket and a pocket for your digital gear with inSound controls, a soft control keypad based on Fibretronic’s CONNECTEDwear. The CONNECTEDwear modular system connects almost to any phone, iPod or MP3 player and can be conveniently controlled from the outside of the Quiver.

To top of the convenience and practicality of the Quiver, a earphone cord management system will guide and protect the headphone cable which comes out of the Quiver just where they are needed, at the neck area.

Practical, functional but not necessarily something for the high street fashionista, the Digital Gear Quiver can be ordered by Small Dog Electronics for $84.99

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