Data logging Shirt

data-logging-shirtSport enthusiasts know that sooner or later discover that parts or their body can not cope with their enthusiasm, leading to dislodged joints and painfully strained extremities.

Fortunately, wearable electronic and the inventive mind of Marcus Moche, Alexandra Morgan and David Schmidt, currently students at the Northeastern University College of Engineering, might provide a solution in form of a smart shirt.

The team developed a Data Logging Shirt containing three motion sensors placed on strategic places in the shirt. The sensors are connected via conductive thread to a serial port connector on the back which in turn connects to a computer for data crunching and visualization.

In future, refined prototypes will replace the serial connector with a wireless module making the data logging shirt completely independent to be used on the sports ground.

The idea for a data logging shirt comes from the Baseball area where elbow injuries incur losses of millions of dollars each season due to the no-show of injured players. The data-logging shirt can help pitchers preventing elbow injuries while providing an electronic analysis of pitching mechanics.

Pitchers become more susceptible to injury when they lose consistency in their mechanics, the physics of how they throw the baseball, pitch after pitch.

Compared with current methods of analyzing mechanics which require pitchers to perform in laboratory settings, the data-logging shirt provides a lightweight solution which does not interfere with the pitching motion and is even machine washable.

The team plans to integrate more sensors like gyroscopes that will pinpoint the positions of body parts over time.

Performance and motion monitoring sport clothing is an area highly interesting as trainer and support personnel at competitive sport events can observe at which point their stars go over the physical limits as opposed to go just very close to the limits.

[via: Boston Globe]

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