DIY – eTextile cable knitting

eTextile-cableMika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson beamed up at ‘How to get what you want‘ a nice technique on how to create eTextile cables that provide a new way of designing cable connections for a wearable electronic design.

The cable are knitted using a tube knitting technique with many names like ‘French knitting’, ‘Spool knitting’, ‘Corking’ and a couple of more names.

These are very simple tools, sold at needle craft stores or sometimes can be found at the toy sections for kids. These spool knitting machines provide a simple way to knit tubes in various diameters.

The knitted tubes are used in this design technique to act as insulation for a conductive yarn inserted into the knitted tube. Leave the conductive yarn lose so you can stretch the knitted tube without breaking the conductive yarn. At both ends of the tube add a small pice of conductive fabric or sew with the conductive yarn from the center of the tube a small patch.


This patch is used to fix one part of a snap button and voila – you have a textile cable which can snap into your technology enhanced dress or jacket. It’s easy to re-wire or to exchange the textile cable with different colors – there are many possibilities with this eTextile cable technique.

Click over to ‘How to get what you want‘ and check out the detailed instructions and start getting creative with your next wearable electronic design.


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