Magical Fairytale Fashion by Diana Eng

EL-Wire-dress_Diana_EngLast week’s Fairytale Fashion Show at Eyebeam set a sparkling crown onto Diana Eng‘s extraordinary exploration into technology enhanced fashion.

Regrettable I was not able to organize myself in a way to witness this event in person but with the images and videos becoming available I can very well connect to the magical experience Diana’s electrifying fashion creates.

Diana send over the runway dresses full of sparkling light and dresses shift their shape – a dream for every fashionista.

Remarkable is the shape shifting technique she developed: origami style folded fabric animated via shape shifting wires (memory alloys), creating a beautiful, sophisticated effect on the Puff Sleeve Jacket.

The Twinkle Dress and Shirt are a excellent example of how to integrate the technology into the style of a garment (instead of hiding it). The hand embroidered circuit and sewable circuit board, the Twinkle Pad paint vivid rainbow colors on the garments.

And my favorite winner is: the El wire dress, an Aqua silk chiffon organically draped dress with electroluminescent wires integrated in the edges. The EL wires illumination is controlled by an accelerometer. Battery and electronics are integrated into a 3-D printed neck piece.


The soft EL wires flow with the silk chiffon creating an almost out-of-this-world elegance.

Diana Eng established herself with this Fairy collection as one of the masters of technology enhanced fashion who want to elevate their work above the mainstream, who like to explore the potential advanced soft electronics technologies and clothing build new synergies.

More photos from the Fairytale Fashion Show can be found via the Flickr photo stream of See-ming Lee.

Check out Diana’s Fairytale Fashion showing background information of the different technologies she used for her latest Haute Tech collection.


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