Interested in conductive yarn?

conductive-woolGetting conductive yarn in small quantities is sometimes difficult as manufacturer usually think big and are not set up in their logistics to serve individual customers with small quantities.

Hannah Perner-Wilson over at ‘How to get what you want‘ is able to make a deal with one of these big manufacturers – Schoeller – and negotiated with them the mini-mini oder which still runs at 30 kilogram which is a lot of yarn for one person.

Hannah now is looking around the eTextile community to see if there is enough interest from people to reach a combined 30 kg mini order quantity. She or anyone interested to take over the distribution of that yarn is invited to express interest via this Google Spreadsheet form.

Please check out the details about the different yarns available and the costs on ‘How to get what you want‘ Website.

These yarns are suitable for the knitting and crocheting of pressure and stretch sensors. Examples of such sensors can be found on ‘How to get what you want‘.

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