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DIY-eTextilesCreating stylish conductive fabric is easier then you might think, assuming you follow the fabulous instruction from Lynne Bruning on her Instructables.

Lynne keeps on adding creative ideas on how to electrify textiles. Her Instructables collection is full of tips, excellent documented with material resources, written and photo guides to make the process as easy and painlessly as it can get.

Today I like to point out two recent additions, one that shows how to fuse Angelina Fibers and frying conductive yarns, yarns that usually are not so useful for the use in sewing machines, into conductive fabric patches.

Lynne explains to process to fuse Angelina Fibers with strands of conductive yarn making a fusible, electrically conductive fabric patch that can be used to decorate fashion designs and give these decoration a electrical function.

The second DIY instruction is showing how to use needle felting to create electrically conductive fabric. Both methods allow you to create the level of conductivity you need for your project.

At the same time you have all the creative freedom to design the fabrics, touch and visual appearance, to your individual needs. Two excellent additions to your eTextile tool box.

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