Wearable power uniform for soldiers

wearable-power-uniformsNews about wearable power become a regular weekly topic on talk2myshirt as we have again found information of a new development in this field.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense awarded a research grant to Intelligent Textiles Limited, a British company specializing in wearable technology, to develop power fabrics that can power radios and other combat equipment soldiers carry around in the field. I met this people last year during the Avantex in Germany and I must say they are doping highly interesting developments, mainly around military applications.

The power generating and storing fabrics under development should be able to serve as an alternative to batteries and to reduce a soldiers load of equipment in the field.

All the battery powered devices in a battle field not only add weight to be carried around but also become a logistical nightmare. They have to be shipped to the front lines, lugged around wherever the soldiers are and need to ba on hand when needed in the action.

This research funding is certainly something to watch out as many of the first innovative and later mainstream technologies started out very often as an initiative based on military needs and funding.

I am still very hopeful to see consumer version of power clothing within the next 5-10 years.

[source: FastCompany via GizmoWatch]


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