Cool Christmas gift for music lovers and fashionistas

Music_T_Shirt_range.jpgOur all time favorite Music T-Shirt, the cool looking, top quality and iPod loving T-Shirts from Italy have topped up their Christmas gift offer and reduced the price by 20%

Music and Sons is doing it’s best to sweeten up our Christmas gift list. Besides a hefty discount of 20% and free shipping worldwide, Music and Sons has another nice option when giving a T-shirt as gift:

Send your PRESENT. You choose and Music and Sons will ship it on your behalf with your message! During checkout, you can choose WHO you want to ship to and insert the message with your greetings. Music and Sons will print and add it to the shipping pack.

Write in the “Special Instructions or Order Comments” field your greetings or send it at with your order Number.

You might now understand why I am a fan of Music and Sons, they always have something special twist to their offering with the personal touch on it

With this 20% reduction which lasts until January 8, 2008 the T-Shirts go for just $ 52.80 but I wouldn’t wait until January, the T-Shirts might be sold out before that day.


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