Jackets that change your songs and pick up your phone

iPod-JacketsThe Winter Olympic are in full swing (although physically I am far away from Vancouver) I revisited the iPod enabled jacket market to check out what is available right now for people watching the winter games on the spot.

The first pleasant surprise is the prices of interactive, iPod ready jackets came down again this winter season which make them as affordable as any other jacket in the same category.

The next surprise, there are many different styles of interactive jackets from a wide range of brands, too many to beam up all of them. The following tip is based on my personal style judgement but a quick scan on the internet will give you a much wider choice of iPod ready jackets.

Tog24 has been having interactive jackets in their online store since the early days of wearable electronic and this seasons offerings look great, the women styles as well as mens styles.

The jackets are powered by the CONNECTEDwear modules from Fibretronic making it easy to pick up additional modules for other than iPod devices like Bluetooth cell-phones.

The women jackets can be found here and here, retailing for £99.95 ($158.-) each, mens styles can be found here and here with a price tag of £129.00 ($203.-) each.

Operating a touch screen during the cold, icy season either requires to have some control over them via the outer clothing or alternatively, you can get you hands on/into one of the touch screen enabled gloves. The third option is to get icy fingers each time you change a song or pick up a phone call. The choice is yours.

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