Sunglasses Case with Built-in Speaker from Shady Beats

Shady_Beats_sound_case.jpgTodays product introduction might seem not to be the perfect match for the colder and less sunny season but hey – even winter has it’s sunny days.

Shady Beats has redefined the function of ordinary sunglasses cases and transformed them into a personal audio player by using the sunglasses case as a speaker system!

How is this possible?

Shady Beats combines a protective high quality EVA sunglasses case with a portable speaker. The water–resistant EVA shell has a protective anti-scratch inner lining with an integrated high-end NXT flat panel speaker. This unique design of the case protects the sunglasses and music player from scratches, sand, dirt and water.

The Shady Beats portable speaker goes well along with any of the iPods available, many MP3 player and mobile phones.

A cute to listen to tunes everywhere you do not need or want to use earphones, on the beach, at your hotel, in the car or …. there are no limits for the use of the Shady Beats Sunglasses Case with Built-in Speaker.

The sound of the sunglasses comes form the built in NXT ‘invisible’ flat panel speaker which is powered by 2 x AAA batteries that last for around 8-10 hours.

It’s a simple concept mixed with creativity and the willingness to provide choices and options for the consumer.


The Shady Beats Sunglasses Case with Speaker measures 90mm x 165mm x 78mm and comes in a range of different designs is available to match your specific taste. Available for $ 51.- on Shady Beats or iWorld online stores.

A fun way to listen to music and care for your sunglasses.


  1. Its a cool post about different variety of sun glasses.
    range is also affordable.
    Your is very nice.
    Thanks for such an informative post and for your time.

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