Detectair – Air pollution sensing clothing

DetectAirOne of the most interesting aspect of smart, sensible clothing is the integration of sensors that visualize environmental conditions we cant’s see or smell easily or to visualize such parameters to warn us when they reach health threatening levels.

The Breathless Corset and the Climate Dress both have sensors that detect and indicate high levels of CO2 by taking away our breath or indicate elevated CO2 levels via light elements integrated into the dress.

The Detectair jacket, designed by industrial design students Genevieve Mateyko and Pamela Troyer at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Canada, senses and indicates toxins like Alcohol, benzene, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide in the air around us.

The indication of elevated levels of toxins is made visually with LEDs arranged to symbolize the lungs branches of blood vessels and additionally with small vibrators inside the jacket.

Clothing acts like our second skin, if we make our second skin more sensible it not only offers new ways of creating style elements but it could as well assist people which are more sensitive to this kind of pollutants to be alerted well in advance to give them time to go to more clearer, safer places.

[via: Fashioning Technology]

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