iTouch gloves

iTouch-glovesJust in time at the eve of the iPad launch, new gloves technology could be seen on the MacWorld last week.

iTouch gloves are different to all the other touch screen compatible gloves we have seen so far. The iTouch leather gloves don’t have any style interrupting dots or conductive squares that make the fingertips conduct electricity between you and the iPhone and other touch scree devices.

iTouch gloves use a ‘patent-pending’ technology called TouchTec which begins during the leather tanning and stretching process and involves nanotechnology treatment while it’s being stretched giving the whole glove the skin to touch screen connection.

I am quite impressed how the garment industry catches up on a rather new technology like touch screens which have been around on a larger consumer products scale for a few years. In these few years they had to figure out the fundamentals and bring them to an industrial scale production. Really impressive and innovative.

iTouch gloves are available in different styles with prices varying between $99.- to $195.- When the iPad hits the stores your well protected hands will be ready for the big touch on the iPad.

[via: Ars Technica]

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