DIY – Illuminated dog hoodie

Illuminated-dog-hoodieThis weeks eTextile DIY project proposal is definitely falling in the cute category. Val Head created for her cute dog Tucker and Light-up dog hoodie. Most of the time we are stretching ourselves to figure out how and where to use eTextile tech for our clothing but seldom we think about our cute friends from the animal kingdom.

The hoodie does not light up by flicking a button, it does light up by itself when it gets dark during your walk with your dog. Just use a photo resistor like Val is using and the cute magic is perfect.

Val posted 23 photos from the making-off the Light-up dog hoodie on her Flickr account with tips and considerations when making a light element for a dogs hoodie.

She is not using the LilyPad due to limited space on the small hoodie. LED sequins, button cell batteries (although they have very limited power and need to be replaced frequently), a small circular pref-board which holds the photo and other electrical components. If you need a little help in creating a light sensitive switch, check out this link.

Now get our your eTextile tool box and spice up your dogs or cats clothing with some illumination.

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