Fairytale Fashion Show

fairytale-fashionshowDiana Eng‘s fabulous project Fairytale Fashion which I highlighted last November is reaching it’s final stage, the Fairytale Fashion Show at Eyebeam on February 24, 7-9pm

Models will show Diana’s Haute Tech creations to the music from hacked video game consoles. A technology enriched fashion show demonstrating the potential of wearable electronics.

The Fairytale Fashion Collection utilizes technology to create magical yet (almost) ready to wear clothing. Electronics, mechanical engineering, and mathematics are weaved into fabrics to create clothing with animated, blooming flowers, changing colors and transforming shapes.

Diana started Fairytale last October and investigated various technologies and techniques, inviting wearable electronic enthusiast to give their views and opinions.

Fairytale Fashion was created with the support of Eyebeam Art and Technology Center nonprofit.

If you are in or around NY next Wednesday, check out if you can grab one of the limited seats for the fashion show by following this link.

[via: CraftZine]

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