IndossaME: design and wearable electronics

IndossaME-wearable-electronictalk2myShirt fan Enrico send us a book tip, the first wearable electronic related book of 2010, with the title ‘IndossaME: design and the wearable electronics‘ by author Marita Canina.

Design with wearable electronic technologies requires competences normally outside the usual knowledge area of a fashion designer: not only the body ergonomic, but also biomedical and electronic as well as the psychological aspects confront designer with perceived limits, limits which can be turned into advantages once the understanding of the different technological aspects are understood.

The book is targeted towards designers and extensively analyzes the apparent knowledge gaps. Thanks to the contribution of different experts the book tries to address the specific areas involved, presenting the biomedical, electronics and psychological states of art.

The second part of ‘IndossaME: design and the wearable electronics’ demonstrates the theoretical first part of the book on various projects in which the authors and some students have been involved.

I am curious about ‘IndossaME: design and the wearable electronics’ not least as I am a big admirer of Italian aesthetic and the love for details which lead to outstanding design objects ‘Made in Italy’.

‘IndossaME: design and the wearable electronics’ is written in Italian, a language I am not very familiar with but I guess I will need to find a way to overcome the language barrier to make sure I can catch the essence of this highly interesting book.

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