Wearable electronic DIY kits from Aniomagic

Aniomagic-Schemer-systemThe magic keeps coming from Aniomagic as they have redesigned their flagship Schemer™ letting ‘ordinary’ electronic components look like jewels. You can chose to hide them or show off these eTextile components in your wearable electronic designs, either way will lead you to gorgeous looking interactive fashion objects.

Aniomagic’s latest Schemer™ version allows to connect to light, temperature, sound, accelerometer and has output for lightboard, motorboard, chirper, logger, infrared, radio.

The other highly interesting feature of the Schemer™ is the way how to program it: by starting the screen programming software, write the instructions in a simple way and hold up your Schemer based object and the program will download to it. No wire to connect, just via magic.

A click over to Aniomagic’s site not only informs about their latest developments in the eTextile space, it also lists projects from wearable eletronic enthusiasts using the magic components.

Need inspiration for the new Schemer™? How about the Light-up Bra made by Chung-Hay.


The bra has 5 LEDs of various colors creating flashing light points, programable via the Schemer™ on-screen interface. It’s actually possible to call up the Schemer software on the iPhone, change the program parameter and flash the new light-up sequence to the bra.

Could make a cool party outfit but there are tons of other possible applications of this magical Schemer™ system.

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