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wearable-electronic-SearchToday is a special day for talk2myShirt: we reached our 1000 posting. To celebrate this milestone we  add another, hopefully useful, feature for our reader and members.

Looking back to 1000 blog postings also means looking back to countless hours spending with Google, Yahoo and other search engines to hunt down all the news and information about wearable electronic floating around the Internet.

While Google and other search engines are one of the most essential tools when it comes to researching information, they index every bit of information available on the world wide web.

But having everything is sometimes not as helpful as it sounds. The huge amount of raw data has to be filtered, check and drilled down to reach the actual topic of interest.

weSearch, our wearable electronic Search engine is designed to save you some time while researching wearable electronic, eTextiles, Interactive Fashion and the like.

You can always use the search box on our blog but it will only scan through our now 1000 blog postings. weSearch is going out into the WWW indexing the most relevant Websites and presents in the search results only information around our favorite topic. Type any common word like yarn and you will conductive yarn or other technical yarn but not the millions of common yarns available in the market.

We do not claim to be as big and mighty as Google or Yahoo in terms of search capability but we can offer you a specialized search experience for information about wearable electronics, eTextiles, smart fabrics and related topics.

The talk2myShirt weSearch engine is designed to serve as first line search tool for quick and accurate information mining but we strongly suggest to use more powerful search tools like Google or Yahoo for searches across the whole internet.

Currently we have around 10,000 pages indexed and we continuously update with new pages as we come aware of them.

Our wearable electronic optimized search engine can be found via this link, a weSearch bar on top of our Blog page and on the front page of our Connection site.

If you like to integrate the wearable electronic search bar into your Website or Blog, just insert the following HTML code at the position on which you want to show the search bar:

<!– talk2myShirt weSearch Box HTML Start  –>
<iframe src=”http://www.talk2myshirt.com/search/search_c.php”
name=”talk2myShirt search” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”
frameborder=”no” height=”80px” width=”330px”></iframe>
<!– talk2myShirt Search Box HTML End  –>

If you have any suggestion, proposal or wish to see or not to see on weSearch, we will be glad to pick up your comments for further updates.

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