Locked ON radar T-Shirt

Proximity-sensing-T-ShirtEvery few month, ThinkGeek integrates another technology into T-Shirts it’s kind of a tradition already. The latest techno Shirt is called Locked ON – a proximity sensing T-Shirt featuring a radar like decal made of EL technology, on the chest.

If all your friends wear a Locked ON T-Shirt it will be easy to find them in crowded places. Just look at your shirt. Two or more T-shirt wearer are required to come within about 3 meters, the maximum range the proximity detection can cover, otherwise your radar screen will stay empty.

The proximity sensing is done via radio frequency transmission/detection and runs on 3x AAA batteries ‘for hours’. The EL decal is removable during cleaning of the shirt.

It’s another amazing interactive fun shirt from ThinkGeek, which never misses to be the center of attention when walking around wearing one of those. The price point for one shirt is $19.99 but keep in mind, you need two of them to have the fun.

If you can convince your bioss to wear such shirt he/she will come on your radar even before he/she can sneak up on you – oh well, need to stop now before going to exited about the possibilities a personal radar system on my shirt can give.

[via: Webelow Wear]

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