Christmas gift guide – Top 10 iPod Bags

Our Christmas gift list of the Top 10 iPod bags gives an overview of multi functional iPod controlling and audio enabled backpacks.

Interactive Backpacks have gained immensely on popularity in 2007. This years Back-to-School season brought iPod controlling and Music center enabled backpacks in the lime light and on the ‘must have’ list of many students.


Spyder Groove Backpack works with any audio player. The Groove Backpack uses the whole front part as speaker to give you sound wherever you do not want and have to use headphones. A cool design available in black for $ 119.95 by this online store.

High Sierra iPod Groove pack controls your iPod conveniently from the keypad in the should strap. Leave your iPod inside the bag and give you commands via the bag. Available in Charcoal-Black, Chipolte-Charcoal and Pacific Blue-Charcoal for $ 62.00 by this online store.

Belkin iPod backpack, a nice looking backpack with iPod control from a company that is famous of high quality iPod accessories for as long as there are iPods. Available for $ 93.57 by this online store.

Skullcandy Link Hydro Pack and Link Street Pack come in different colors to match almost any outfit you might have. All models have the same price of $ 149.95 and are available by this online store.

Burton Audex iPod AMP Backpack is a cool looking backpack for the snowboarder. Funky design with iPod control on the outside to keep your hands free for the action. It comes in the colors True Black and Brodana Jacquard, a very vibrant color pattern for $ 159.95 by this online store.

Jansport uses their Livewire iPod control system in a larger range of different backpack models which come in an even larger range of colors and designs. As example, the Superbreak Live Backpack comes in vibrant colors and patterns like black, the chocolate chip bubbles and the black/white punky houndstooth for the adventurous fashion statement. Available for $ 79.90 by this online store.

Quiksilver has launched a range of backpacks with iPod and audio control on the shoulder strap and a magic speaker system in the packs front part. Three different models and sizes are available in black with prices ranging from $ 500.- up to $ 583.95 and are available by this online store.

Voltage Backpack and Messenger bag with ipod control from Firebox.xom are nice designed bags for going around the city and come for a very low price of $ 100.- to $ 120.- by this online store.

The Nike C.O.R.E. Audio Bag was in our Christmas gift list last year and although there has not been a new model introduced by Nike this year it still is a excellent bag. It offers full color customization via the Nike ID system. For $ 115.- you can mix and match whatever you like and order via the Nike online shop directly.

Jansport Recourse backpack features an audio port and flat panel speaker integrated and is designed with the girls in mind in either soft pink or blue color with the soft integration of speaker. This bag gives the next girls party a cute looking sound system that goes for $ 197.- and is available by this online store.

This list shows many of the ‘big brand names’ who participate in the iPod and audio backpack market. If you still can not decide which one is the best for you, browse through the backpack section of our blog to find many more.


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