Christmas gift guide – Top 10 iPod Jackets

Christmas is just three weeks away and if you are on the lookout for a unique Christmas gift for your loved ones and friends, you are on the right spot. We will bring this weeks the Top 10 Christmas gift guide for Wearable Electronic products, each day another segment selected with great care and a wide range of options.

The begin of our Top 10 Christmas gift list looks to the segment of iPod enabled, interactive Jackets.


Jansport Harlequin Jacket for Women available in Green, Orange, and Black for $179.99 by this online store.O’Neill Comm Ent Jacket for Men and Women available in Orange and Black for $ 835.- by this online store.

Burton Audex iPod Dutchess Insulated Jacket for Women available in Lust Gingham and True Black Gingham for $ 279.95 by this online store.

Koyono BlackCoat Work available in Black (of course) for Men for $ 249.- available by this online store.

Jansport Lightning iPod Jacket for Men in Classic Tan and Black for 99.97 by this online store.

Quiksilver U-Ramp Snowboard Jacket for Men in Black, Mint or Fudge for $ 209.95 by this online store.

Burton Audex iPod Bonded Fleece Jacket is available in Rock Salt 3D Print, True Black 3D Print, Roasted Brown, True Black and Acid for $ 149.95 by this online store.

Zegna Leather iJacket from Men available in Black for $ 1,595.- by this online store.

Craghoppers Future Jacket for Men available in Black for $ 505.0 by this online store.

Jansport Ringed Denim Jacket for Women available in … Denim of course for $ 149.99 by this online store.

This Top 10 list is a small but interesting selection of the much wider range of available iPod enabled jackets. Browse through our blog for more models if you are still looking for a different style or color, the selection this season is the largest ever made.

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