Cute Christmas gift – Wearable Electronic Sewing Kit

butterfly.jpgI found a cute, simple electronic sewing kit offered by that can make the perfect Christmas gift for the creative people among our reader.

You might not be able to create with this kit such attention magnets like Moritz Waldermeyer did recently but you can create cute little Wearable Electronic fashion accessories for your bag or shirt or jacket.

The site has some examples to demonstrate how the electrical sewing kit can be used and offers a detailed description with many photos to show how to work with the different components of the electronic sewing kit.


No worry, it’s much easier as you might think thanks to the simplicity of this kit.

kit_components.jpgThe electronic sewing kit contains: two hand-made “LED sequins”, a fabric switch, soft battery holder and battery, conductive thread and a patch of fabric.

The complete kit can be ordered here and goes for $ 15.- and shipping is free!

Nwanua Elumeze, CEO and researcher on customizable clothing and jewelry is behind this fabulous simple but very inspiring concept of the the electronic sewing kitâ„¢.

You do not need any solder iron or other electronic tools just a needle, scissor and your imagination. It’s a needlework project with a touch of technology.

Impress your family or friends with this unique Christmas gift or make your own creation as a very unique, creative and personal gift.

In either way, a cute and creative Christmas surprise.


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