LFLECTive fashion accessories from Lost Values

LFLECT-fashionLost Values a UK based company founded by designer-maker Elena Corchero, added to their innovative, technology enhanced collection a beautiful looking example how a little technology that has been around for a long time in not-so-sexy-looking roadwork jackets into classy, stylish hats and scarves fit for the high-street fashionistas.

The LFLECT Woolly Hat and LFLECT Wooll Scarf look like ordinary gear by day but comes night they start to illuminate due to the reflective thread used during the knitting of the hat and scarf.

Chose them for safety and higher visibility reason or for the style and wow effect they will create, the LFLECT products are an excellent example how creativity applied to old technology can transform everyday objects into gorgeous looking designs.

Lost Values offers each of these products for £65.00 ($105.-) with the option to chose from different hat designs, the knitting pattern as well as a large selection of colors.

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