Wearable Electronic event of the year – Smart Fabrics

Smart-Fabrics-2010Over the past few years highly interesting events around wearable electronic emerged or established themselves as a yearly focus point for the wearable electronic community/business.

One of the very first wearable electronic events is the Smart Fabrics Conference which first took place in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain. Since that day, Smart Fabrics became THE highlight in the wearable electronic calendar attracting top experts as conference speaker.

This years Smart Fabrics which is going into its 6th year, takes place between April 14 – 16 in Miami, Florida. The speaker list represents the who-is-who in wearable electronic, too long to post here but you can check it out on the Smart Fabrics Website.

The interesting aspect on the Smart Fabrics is the selection of topics which are covered in plenary sessions in the morning and breakout session in the afternoon. The topics include views on the business perspectives, manufacturing and product development, regulatory requirements as well as IP landscape and technology developments.

Two pre conference seminars will be held on April 14th. Janet Hansen will talkĀ  about Wearable Electronics for Illuminated Costumes and Clothing and Leah Buechley will share her observations and experiences about the eTextile Do It Yourself movement.

As the time for the Smart Fabrics conference come closer I will post more details. For now, check out the full program on the Smart Textiles site and mark your calendar for this high profile event.

In case you wonder – yes, talk2myShirt will be there, prepared for 3 days of no sleep but networking, chatting and blogging.

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