A practical Christmas gift: Audio ear warmer

audio_ear_warmer_women.jpgOur Christmas gift tip of today has a very practical purpose, keeping your ears warm while enjoying your tunes when being outdoors in the icy winter air.

Audio Ear Warmer is a ear warmer with Headphones integrated. They are convenient for handling your headphones and to protect your ears in (very) cold weather.

Audio ear warmer have been around for a while now and the selection of different models is growing every year. What was once a ‘one size fits all’ and ‘any color as long as it is black’, are gone for good now.

Todays Audio ear warmer are diverse, come in different sizes and give us lot of style choices that will suit most of the personal preferences and personal styles for almost everyone.

Many Audio ear warmer are available, we could fill a lot of blog posts with them, just type ‘audio ear warmer’ into any search engines and see yourself.

One of the best looking model I could find is the Puffy Quilt Ear Warmer & Headphone for women. It comes with a puffy quilt outer shell and faux fur next-to-skin. A thermal insulation and wind-blocking materials keep you ears warm.

audio_ear_warmer_men.jpgThe integrated headphone cord has a length of 5ft and can be detached to use the audio ear warmer as ‘just’ normal ear warmer. The collapsible ‘click to fit’ design makes them small enough to store them easily in your bag when not needed.

The sound quality comes from 40mm diameter drivers with Neodymium magnet, an input capability of 100mW, a nominal Impedance of 32 Ohms and 105dB/1mW of sensitivity. If this is too much technical speak, it simply means you can expect decent sound from your ear warmer.

Any audio player can be connected via the 3.5mm headphone connector.

The Puffy Quilt Ear Warmer & Headphone for women comes in the colors Black and Snow and is available by palmflex.com for 29.95

We do not forget our boys this Christmas so here is a model more appealing, styling wise, for men, the 180s Ear Warmer Stereo Headphones. Amazon.com has this and other model in stock for 34.95

Keep your ears nice and toasty even in subfreezing conditions with one of those very practical Audio ear warmer available in the market.


  1. Now this one is really practical, but don’t think anyone would actually use it every day in Hong Kong?

    Would be awesome if that works with Shure phones… perhaps can consider making the cover???

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