Breathless corset

CO2RSETAir pollution is one of the headaches that comes with our lifestyle where almost everyone has a car which clog up the air in our cities. At days the pollution is getting so bag it almost suffocates us.

A radical wearable electronic concept to assist us in suffocating – or make breathing difficult when the CO2 level reaches dangerous low levels is CO2RSET, designed by Kristin O’Friel, student at NYU ITP.

Kristin created the CO2RSET back in 2008 but the worlds air quality has not improved since then so you might want to have a closer look to the CO2RSET, a corset that tightens or loosens around the body depending on the amount of CO2 in the air around.

Tiny motors attached to the laces of the corset respond to the input from the corset’s CO2 monitors which are concealed in the floral shape at the front.

The corset has been designed to respond to CO2 but it is imaginable to use sensors reacting to Carbon Monoxide the dangerous gas coming from cars exhaust pipes and linger around street level.


When wearing the CO2RSET you have the choice of suffocating from the tightening of the corset or read carefully the message the CO2RSET is giving you and move quickly to a place with better air quality.

Or maybe …. a visual indicator on a jacket, shape changing ornaments or light-up patches, would suffice for a warning but then, these indicators can easily be ignored. Clothing that takes away your breath might give a more powerful message about the bad air surrounding you.

All photos above courtesy of Kristin’s Flickr CO2RSET photo stream.


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