Hibernation Blanket

Hibernation-blanketWhile tons of snow cover parts of US and Europe accompanied by freezing temperatures, it’s no wonder if some people dream about going into hibernation just like bears are doing to escape the big freeze.

If hibernating is not an option for you then you might be interested into creating a Hibernation Blanket like Kristina, a writer and creative eTextile crafter from Scotland.

The purpose of the Hibernation blanket is to give up pulsing light as a response to the body heat. The light pulses help to calm down, to snuggle into this blanket comfortably and warm, forgetting the harsh weather condition outside.

I love this concept which uses crocheted fabric with build-in LEDs, a temperature sensor and all this connected to a LilyPad Arduino for processing and to generate the light pulses in line with the temperature inside the blanket.

Functional – no, lovely playful – YES!

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