Coming soon – Solar messenger bag from Samsonite

Samsonite-Solar-messenger-bagI might have a bit of an advantage when it comes to the use of solar power bags as I am living in a part of this world where sunshine is the standard and rain the exception. More often than not I can happily recharge some of my little gadgets either on the go or later when home, giving me a sense of achievement by saving a small, tiny bit of fossil fuel generated electric power.

Solar power transforming bags have seen over the past 2 years a growing number of established companies offering solar power options in their newest collections and new companies coming to the solar power bag market with fabulous designs to choose from.

The latest member of this growing bag segment is no one less the Samsonite, one of the leader of innovative luggage and bags. A Samsonite messenger bag has been seen on the recently held CES featuring an integrated, flexible solar panel on the front flap which is a able to generate a full power charge for the Blackberry Curve with just 4.5 hours of sun shine.

Expected to hit the stores this spring for under $100.- the solar messenger bag will come with a 12V automotive charging adapter so users will be able to connect their devices with their automotive adapters.

Not the best connection solution as people without a car will face the situation to buy such adapters just to use the solar bag. A standard USB connector would have served the consumer base better – just my 5 cents.

When companies like Samsonite finally discover the benefits of the suns energy and offering solar power bags next to their great looking bag collection it might be the start of an era where power charging bags will be a feature nobody wants to miss anymore.

[via: Electronista]


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