Interactive fashion Spring 2010

Killa-interactive-fashion hoodieCanadian fashion brand KILLA is opening the 2010 interactive fashion season with the launch of the Spring collection which once again demonstrates the dedication and leadership of KILLA and their brand ARCHITECT in technology enabled street wear.

A selection of gorgeous looking sweater and hoodies make use of the eTextile based keypads of QIO Systems which connect to a range of different function modules from PANiQ.

The PANiQ system includes modules for iPod and iPhone or Bluetooth, making it easy to have basic control via a touch on the textile sensor area on the sleeve.

As trivial as a remote control function might seem, as small as our pocket devices might be, having a quick access to some of the most used functions of these devices with a touch on the arm not only offers a unique twist to clothing but also a little luxury feeling we all deserve.

The interactive spring collection from KILLA is available via their online shop and the ARCHITECT shop in Vancouver, BC, Canada, retailing between $120.- and $160.-


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