DIY – Emotional Scarf

passion-sensing-scarfCommunicating clothing is one of the most interesting concepts in the interactive fashion domain and well taken care off especially by the eTextile DIY community.

Instructables member ArduinoFun has posted a inspirational project called ‘Arduino Lilypad Interactive Passion Sensing Scarf‘ using the LilyPad Arduino and conductive yarn to create the textile circuit into a scarf.

Naturally there will be two or more of these intelligent, interactive scarfs needed to get the full benefit – think about it when you set out to make this your first eTextile DIY project of 2010.

The scarf is fitted with the LilyPad for the processing, a battery for power and a infrared emitter/detector. This IR sensor will get active once a second smart scarf is in close proximity. The two scarfs recognize each other and change the color of an concealed LED from blue (the color of loneliness) to the color red for closeness.

A simple but great concept to expand with more interactivity as ArduinoFun also points out in the Instructables.

The Arduino code is included in the instructions making it possible to create a pair of passionate scarfs in time for Valentines Day.


  1. You have the best darn posts! I don’t know how to not re-post almost everything you have – though its wrong to do so and I don’t. I just pick and choose. But I adore your site. Thank you for keeping this community together and informed.


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