Solar Charging Sling Bag made from Recycled Plastic

4U2ReUSE-Solar-Sling-bagWith all the snow and cold weather around us we should not forget the sunny side of life. Whenever there is sun you have the opportunity to catch not only warm sun rays but at the same time some additional electrical power for your pocket devices – that is, if you have a solar charging bag.

Concord Keystone Trading LLC, currently exhibiting their portable solar charger collection at the CES has added a solar charging sling bag called 4U2ReUSE (for you to reuse) to their portfolio.

Following the trend of other solar bag companies, their solar bag offers next to the environmental friendly, renewable energy generation environmental friendly materials for the bag which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and shopping bags.

The 4U2ReUSE Solar Sling is using G24i‘s solar panel technology, a flexible, thin-film solar panel which keeps on charging the batteries even when the sun is hiding behind clouds.

The ‘on-bag’ battery stores all the energy and gives it off when needed via a USB connector cell/smart phones, digital music players and digital cameras.

No price or online shop is available at this time and the company side seems is not working as well. We will give you an update once we found a place where you can purchase this bag.

[via: Imaging Resource]


  1. It is good to know that we are looking for ways to make use of recycled plastic. Aside from the common plastic bottles that are reused or recycled, there are also clothes such as t-shirts and now bags that are made from recycled plastic which adds hope that we can certainly manage our wastes. Paper, wood and aluminum materials can also be recycled and turned into something useful.

  2. As long as it is proven safe – it will really come in handy especially if you have forgotten to bring a charger with you and your location does not have any electrical charging available. Indeed, plastic products are very useful – especially if they are made with quality. Plastic, paper and even metal products can also be recycled and reused so as to help in reducing waste accumulation but let us bear in mind that not all items are safe to be recycled. What is important is that we maximize the use of the things that we already have so that we do not have to manufacture new ones over and over again.

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