MIT develops clothes to record abuses against women

MIT-sensor-clothingMIT student Adam Whiton and clothing designer Yolita Nugent, lead a research project to develop clothing for women that will record data about an attack in real time and store that information on a computer.

The capturing of impact data on the wearer of this sensible clothing is done via sensors placed all over it. The data can be then used as hard evidence about an attack and can be used as evidence to make it easier to prosecute and convict offenders.

The idea of using clothing to ‘remember’, to record various impacts and exposure to chemicals in the air or liquid spilled over the clothing is very interesting.

This kind of sensor clothing will not be able to prevent violence and would need to be highly integrated not to give away the intelligence of the clothing otherwise …..

Another aspect is for sure the cost of such technology in clothing which has to be considerably low as the abuse increases with the decrease of income levels.

In the meantime the same concept could find a first market in areas where such recording of life events are highly interesting and the cost is of second priority. Such areas could be in the rescue and emergency profession, dangerous working areas and the like. Maybe police could have good use for it as it would be easier to reconstruct events during the action with violent persons.

[source: Boston Globe]


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