Christmas gift that keeps you warm

heated_vest.jpgTodays Christmas gift tip keeps you cozy warm during the cold days ahead. The self heating vest from Maplin.

The styling might not be the first choice for fashionistas but if you need to be outdoors by near or sub 32°F (0°C) temperature it might be your first choice of clothing to keep you alive warm.

There is always the choice to have the heated vest underneath your jacket in order not to scarify your fashion senses but still stay comfy warm inside.

The heated vest is made of fabric that self-heats using heating wires woven right into the jackets fabric. The heating is powered by 6 AAA batteries which generate up to 104°F (40°C) in just 5 minutes. The heated vest is water resistant as well, so no danger to get an electrical shock.

That’s amazing fast and should make the coldest winter wind feel like a spring breeze.

If you are on the look out for a practical and ‘think different’ Christmas gift, the heated vest will be very appreciated from people living in the colder regions and have to be outdoors frequently.

Best of all, if you order before Dec. 25, 2007 – hence Christmas gift – you can get the heated vest for just $ 41.37 through Maplin’s online store, thats 50% less than the regular price!

Another high value for money Christmas gift option from the Wearable Electronic store.


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