Show of Light – color explosion on your dress

Show-on-Light-dressOur first technology enhanced fashion item of 2010 comes from Marina Polakoff, fashion designer and interactive technologies enthusiast who creates costumes for music and dance shows.

Marina’s gorgeous looking dresses set the right frame for a colorful and eventful wearable electronic year ahead of us.

Her garments interact with music, voice and movements, blending the appearance of the dress with the acoustic dimension of the performer.

Each of her dresses contain hundreds of mini LEDs, integrated into the fabric to diffuse the high bright LEDs for a softer, more natural appearance.

The intensity, color and light effects are controlled by the surrounding sound and movements and translated into lighting effects ranging from very subtle to highly dramatic color plays on the costumes.

I am happy to present this particular designer/work today as exactly one year ago, in the opening blog posting of 2009 I was lamenting a bit about the too techno looking clothing in the wearable electronic arena.

One year later and we can look back to various high tech fashion items from forward working designers which conceal the technology, pushing it far back and only show the effects technology can provide – in this case beautiful, magical color and sparkling light animated costumes.


These sensual yet sensational interactive fashion designs are not available in the ready-to-wear market but Marina will be more than happy to make you a tailor made Show of Light dress for your next event or party.

Want to see Marina’s dresses in action? Check out this Youtube video and this one.

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