CONNECT to the Wearable Electronic community

wearable-electronicsWe welcome 2010 by inviting you to join our talk2myShirt CONNECTION and connect with the Wearable Electronic community.

Inspired by discussions and feedback we received in the past year from wearable electronic creators, producers, brands and consumers expressing the wish to link up, to get in touch and connect with people around the world who are involved and interested into wearable electronic.

Many highly interesting initiatives in the field of wearable electronic can be found, just look back to our past 12 month of blogging, new products, astonishing designs, research and concept developments and the growing number of the eTextile DIY community.

More mainstream topics have well established channels to connect and cooperate online. The relatively new field of e-Textile technology does not have yet a strong communication infrastructure, a fact talk2myShirt is picking up with the aim to bridge the gap with the launch of the CONNECTION community platform.

The talk2myShirt CONNECTION is designed to facilitate members in connecting with like minded people around the world. Features, including simple messaging and forum, an easy blogging system to show other members the work in progress or a newly finished design and advanced features like the ‘Interactive Whiteboard’ which allows the sketching of ideas in real time between members around the world.

Our goal is to provide the best possible connection and communication infrastructure for our members. We encourage everyone who is actively interested into the wearable electronic topic to join the talk2myShirt CONNECTION. Designer, Students, Teacher and DIY enthusiasts to co-create, to support each other by technical problems and to combine different expertise in a group work. We welcome brands and manufacturers to highlight their wearable electronic related products and services, to link up with the creative community and with consumers.

We do not aim to reach record numbers of members but prefer to have high quality, active member in our CONNECTION. We will do our best to keep the CONNECTION interesting, post about news and events on the CONNECTION and we will be on standby when help is needed in navigating our new site.

Our email Inbox is wide open for improvement ideas to make the CONNECTION a pleasant place to hang out.

The talk2myShirt CONNECTION has been in a test run for almost 3 month and early birds who joined the CONNECTION helped us to shape and debug the version you will see right now. We are very thankful for the inputs and the patients during the early hick-ups we had. A high five to all of you.

Please take a few minutes and click over to our CONNECTION site and have a look around. Some functions are only visible for registered members like the ‘Interactive Whiteboard’. The reason for this is to minimize the misuse of these powerful communication features and to enable our members to set their own privacy levels while connecting with others.

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