Sweet dreams with the Pillow Speaker pillow

cozytunes_pillow.jpgWho does not want to have sweet dreams? To make sure you get to the sweet spot in your dreams, fallings asleep by soothing, soft music is highly recommended.

One way to glide into the dreamland with music is to turn on your audio player. This works but the sound is filling the whole room and might not be as personal as you like. Another option is to use headphones but they are comfortable when you lie on them, they block out all the other sounds of the night and turning around a couple of times in your bed will either strangle you with the headphone wires or pull out the earphone.

What a good reason to look to Pillow Speaker pillows. There a different types: one type that has the speakers completely integrated into the pillow and another type that allows you to upgrade any pillow to version 2.0

In both cases, the sound comes out of the pillow, softly and soothing, audible only to your ears. You can turn around in your bed as you like without any danger.

pillow_sonic.jpgIf you might think now I am completely nuts – thing again. The speaker pillow does have a lot of advantages. For my part, I have tried to learn a new language ‘while sleeping’ as it is advertised. Those companies tell you to listen to their lessons while you are gliding into dreamland and they hammer the new stuff into your brain while you sleep. So far I didn’t have much success but I did not use a Pillow Speaker pillow.

Another use for a Pillow Speaker pillow is to comfort babies with music. Let them rest on a speaker pillow with ‘comfort’ music or record a story to play back while they are supposed to fall asleep. This will never replace the duties and love of parents but it might give them some room to breath every now and then.

The bottom line is that listening to relaxing music while you recline of the sofa or go to sleep will greatly reduce the stress accumulated during the day and Pillow Speaker pillows might just be a good idea to check out.

Here are two links to online stores, the Pillowsonic Digital Stereo Pillow Speaker is an upgrade kit with relaxation music CD and eBook and goes for $ 19.99 Slide the soft and very thin speaker into any pillow and you are ready to dream.

The Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow with integrated speaker comes in a very colorful range and goes for $ 37.90

We like soft electronics here on talk2myShirt and we will order now our Pillow Speaker pillow and enter the sweet dreamland relaxed and smiling.


  1. A friend of mine was talking about how he wants to buy a pillow speaker pillow and I wanted to do some research about it. I had no idea that you could use these pillows to help your baby sleep while having soothing music play for them. It is important to remember that taking the time to understand how safe these types of pillows are can help you find the best use for them and help you sleep better when the time comes.

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