Christmas gift guide: Music T-shirt from Music and Sons

ms_christmas_T_shirt.jpgThere is no denying anymore, Christmas is around the corner. Strolling through shopping malls last weekend, I have seen the first decorations popping up for the busiest shopping time of the year.

My first tip for a unique gift idea for coming Christmas is the Music T-Shirt from Music and Sons which offers free world wide shipping as their special gift for Christmas.

Not everyone lives in the cold regions of ice and snow and for all those lucky ones in the warmer regions, Music and Sons has a fabulous collection in store.

I am especially in love with the BLACK-eco range; the most environmentally and technologically advanced T-Shirt. It’s made of sustainable materials like Organic Cotton and Bamboo that gives those T-Shirts an exceptionally soft feel to the tough and skin.

Having used mine for some time now, I do not want to miss the other exceptional function that makes the Music and Sons T-shirt so special: the invisible cable management for my iPod (can be use with any other portable audio player as well).

The music enabled T-Shirts are available by Music and Sons in the BLACK-eco and the Vintage collection and cost between $ 66.- and $ 78.- (45.- to 53.- euro) and as extra Christmas bonus: shipment is for free, world wide.

This makes my first recommendation the best value for money in this year Christmas present list.


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