Happy Holidays

sg-imageAnother exiting year comes to an end and we will start our traditional break over the holidays.

We thank you for visiting talk2myShirt, we are grateful for the many tips, contributions and encouragements we received throughout the past year. Your feedback and input is our motivation and reward.

Looking  back the past 12 month, it was the busiest year we have seen so far concerning wearable electronic judging on the huge amount of creativity coming form students, artists, designer and last but not least from eTextile DIY enthusiasts.

In 2009 prominent top brands expanded their collection by adding technology enabled clothing and new labels, specialized into interactive fashion. It was also the year when modular wearable technology systems have been introduced in the clothing market, systems that bring to some degree standardization into this emerging clothing segment.

We will start with a more detailed review of the Wearable Electronic Year 2009 and a sneak peek into the the Wearable Electronic year 2010 when talk2myShirt will be back online starting on Jan 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

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