Light-up Bow for a special gift wrapping

Light-up_bowNeed something special for Christmas, something unique? A bit of DIY and the fabulous instructions from Alison Lewis help you to create a sparkling light-up bow for your gift wrapping during this holiday season.

Alison Lewis, an expert when it comes to demystify technology and use it in unconventional ways as we have seen in one of her latest projects the Illuminated Wedding Dress, put together a short instructional video that shows how to electrify a simple bow and spice it up with a a magical glow.

The light-up bow is made in a few minutes with materials most people have around the house and the only technical stuff needed is a couple of LEDs (the type with the long legs) and a button cell battery. No soldering or even sewing is needed, just bending and gluing.


I like projects like this, spicing up everyday objects with the mystical touch of electronics in it’s simplest form and use but presented in a highly aesthetical and not technical way.

A tip for more adventurous eTextile enthusiasts: combine the bow switch concept from Riccardo with the Light-up Bow from Alison and you got the cutest Christmas wrapping no one will throw away after unwrapping the presents.


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